**2020 Fall 1st practice information**


Raiders AZ Football

2020 Fall 1st practice information

We are still looking for kids to fill up all our tackle football divisions for this upcoming Fall season.  Age groups start at 7yr of age and go up to 14yr of age (8th grade max).

Our organization will be following all Covid – 19 regulations and protocols per phase. Practices will have staggering times with some starting at 6pm and others at 7pm.

**Those that are interested, if you haven’t already done so please email me your contact information to RBESTATES@COX.NET that way I can add you to our contact list for future emails.

Feel free to SHARE this post with ALL family and friends.

Division practice time information is all below:

Everyone attending must be wearing a mask

14U/13U Unlimited (8th grade max) – Starts at 6pm- Helmets, Pads, Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

12U Unlimited – Starts at 7pm– Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

11U Unlimited – Starts at 7pm- Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

10U Unlimited– Starts at 6pm– Helmets, Shirt, Shorts, Cleats

9U Unlimited– Starts at 6pm- Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

8U Unlimited- Start on 9-1-20 at 6pm- Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

7U Unlimited- Start on 9-1-20 at 6pm- Shirts, Shorts, Cleats

All ages as of July 31st 2020

Location: Friendship Park- Field #1

Address: 12325 W McDowell Rd, Avondale AZ 85323

Date : 08-25-20

Days: Tues and Thursdays

6pm to 9pm

Important notes that will be mandatory until we can get the ok from the City of Avondale for next phase:

  1. Only one person to a player allowed on sidelines for practices- Need to be wearing a mask and abide by social distancing guides- all others cannot be on our field. -NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. All players need to bring their own water/water bottle- NO EXCEPTIONS
  3. Everyone at our practice has to wear a mask at all times- NO EXCEPTIONS
  4. We will have one direction going onto our field and one direction exiting.
    1. Please enter from front of restrooms (south side of restrooms)
    2. Please exit from backside of restrooms(north side of restrooms)
  5. Players that are not practicing need to wear masks- all others participating can have masks off.
  1. Once practice has ended players need to have masks on.
  2. I encourage everyone to have their own hand sanitizers if at all possible.
  3. All teams need to exit field once practice is done. We can’t have players hanging around watching the later teams practice.
  4. If you need to wait for another sibling to finish please do so off our field.

Feel free to connect with us on Facebook at: RAIDERS AZ

If interested in Coaching, joining our organization, and/or need any more information please do not hesitate to PRIVATE MESSAGE me or contact me at my info below.

Thank you so much,

Ruben Beltran


Cell: 602-920-3211

Fax: 877-689-0677

Facebook: Raiders AZ




Go Raiders!!

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