**We are returning to practice!**


Hello Raiders! We are very excited to announce that practices will start on Tuesday the 25th for the following divisions:


It will take place on the same field: Field 1

We have set field times from 6pm to 9pm. It cost a little more but the ability to practice safety is more us.

10u and 9u start time is 6pm to 8pm

14u, 12u, 11u start time is 7pm to 9pm

Starting Tuesday September 1st, we will have 8u and 7u return to practice at the 6pm to 8pm time slot

I will be emailing all staff members more information with guides and proactive procedures this weekend. We will be sure to stay up to date with exactly what is needed to keep our players, parents, and coaches safe!

All of this is a temporary change until the governor okays the next phase of our reopening.

With that being said, welcome back everyone!

Please advise your friends and families as we are still looking for players for most of our age groups.

Be safe and thank you for your patience.

Ruben Beltran
Raiders AZ

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